Golden Horseshoe of Lviv

"Golden Horseshoe of Lviv" - a popular tourist route most famous castles of Lviv region. The name "Golden Horseshoe" was because of the location of locks arc that looks like a horseshoe. To route usually include Olesky, Pidhorodetsky, Zolochevsky. The route - 175 km. Today this tour, usually away from the city, our company offers VIP TAXI LVIV with all amenities. First we visit Olesko. Everyone should visit the Ukrainian Museum-Reserve XIV-XVIII centuries.

"Olesky castle". Castle on the hill is one of the oldest in the Ukrainian lands (1390r.), Its exhibition recreates the atmosphere of cultural and artistic life of past centuries, the castle boasts one of Europe's largest collection of wooden sculptures, including John George Pinsel. Night walk lock soul lovers Zolkiewski Adam and daughters of the owner of the castle Martial. Highlight Olesko is also a Capuchin monastery with the Church of St. Anthony (1739r.) And the Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity (1545r.).

Next Pidgirtsi route. Podgoretsky lock Koniecpolski the park (1635r.) Once considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and is one of the best samples of the Renaissance palace of bastion fortifications. Highlight Pidhirtsi is also bahatodekorovanyy Church of St. Joseph (1763r.) And the Monastery of the Order of St. Basil the Great (1706r.). Impress ancient settlement Plisnetsk (1188r.), Which was one of the largest cities of contemporary Europe and occupies more than 160 acres. The complex, which includes ancient settlement Plisnetsk with monastic buildings, castle in Pidgirtsy with church, inn-stop, park and Brewery XVIII. no analogues in Ukraine.

The final stop Zolocev. Extremely rich in monuments of city in Western Ukraine, the decoration of which is Zolochevsky Castle (1634r.) With Chinese Palace (one of three in Europe). Curious cause mysterious Templar stones with two wreaths, performing mysterious desire.